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Join the family and unlock your access to exclusive rewards from Tanglewood Beverage Company. Once you’re in, you’ll earn points for referring friends, celebrating birthdays, and more. Use your earned points for discounts on more delicious, hand-bottled goodness.

The best part? You’ll earn 250 points just for joining!

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How It Works

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Join Tanglewood Rewards (250 points)
Celebrate a Birthday (500 points)
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Turn your points into rewards!

$5 Off Coupon (500 points)
$10 Off Coupon (1,000 points)
$20 Off Coupon (2,000 points)
$50 Off Coupon (5,000)

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Share the love with your friends and feel the love when they purchase.

They Get: 10% Off Coupon
You Get: 10% Off Coupon



How do I join the program?
Signing up is as easy as creating an account on our website. You can do that here.

How do I redeem my points?
You can redeem your points once you’ve hit certain thresholds. For instance, once you’ve earned 500 points, you can redeem those points for a $5 off coupon. To see all the ways you can redeem points, click here.

How do I see my points balance?
When you’re logged in, your points balance and available rewards will display within your rewards panel. Click here to take a peek.