About Us

Tanglewood grew from humble beginnings in Either/Or's tiny 300 square-foot cafe. In 2013, Either/Or owner Ro Tam had the idea of making a Ginger Spiced Chai, inspired by her love of the fresh ginger and spices she cultivated in her parents' kitchen growing up. Since then, Tanglewood’s chai and tea concentrates have grown into an obsession that's evolved to include Turmeric Thai Tea and Lavender Fog.

We push our passion for everything related to chai, spice, tea, and ginger by making each batch by hand and using quality, organic ingredients sourced from the best of the best. Whether you're ordering a large wholesale order of Tanglewood for your business or a chai from your favorite local cafe, you’ll always experience the unique quality of complex flavors developed one pot at a time and bottled by hand. It’s the perfect sip, every time.