About Us

In October, 2013 the first batch of Ginger Spiced Chai was created at Either/OR, a small cafe in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. We wanted a chai that was made with intention and a specific set of flavors in mind, something we’d been unable to find readily available on the market- that we could serve at the cafe and feel good about. After a little experimentation, we came up with the final recipe for our chai that included a healthy dose of ginger as well as hand ground spices. Soon after we began serving it at the cafe, other Portland cafes started to show interest in serving our Ginger Spiced Chai, too. Pretty soon, that list grew and by the time our cafe was turning a year old, we decided that the best way to get our chai to as many people as possible was to bottle it and make it available to purchase. Then came the introduction of the name you see today, Tanglewood Ginger Spiced Chai, and out of that grew Either/OR’s creative outlet, Tanglewood Beverage Co. Now, we are excited to introduce our retail line, so you can mix some up at home to enjoy yourself, share with friends and family, or use in cocktails and recipes. In addition to our chai and we now have a signature fall drink, the hot buttered yam. Tanglewood Beverage Company is working on bringing you our handcrafted sodas, and other specialty drinks bottled and available to be shipped right to you.