Ginger Spiced Chai 32oz

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Ginger Spiced Chai was created because we couldn't find a chai that we liked to serve at our cafe. The blend we craved was something rich with spice, lightly sweetened, and balanced. Most importantly we wanted something that held its depth when we added milk. Aside from organic Assam tea, fresh ginger is the prominent flavor. We then use freshly ground nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom for a perfect aromatic finish.

It's a 1:1 mixture with milk of your choice and is great hot or cold. Try it mixed with bourbon or rum if you want something with a bite, add it to your oatmeal or favorite baking recipe, or add it to soda water with a splash of cream for a refreshing chai soda!

Ingredients: filtered water, brown sugar, fresh ginger, lemon juice, organic Assam tea and spices