Where to Find the Best Chai in Portland

Did You Know Tanglewood Concentrates Are Available For Portland Local Pickup?

Hey Portlanders! Looking to skip shipping costs for that sweet, sweet local pickup? Our home base, Either/Or Cafe, also doubles as our local pickup spot for our tea concentrates—and there’s two of them!

Either/Or in Sellwood: located in the Old Sellwood Square, find your favorite Chai concentrate at 8235 SE 13th Ave ste 9, Portland, OR 97202, and place an online order here.

Either/Or on Williams: Stop by our HQ at 4003 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227, and pick up your Chai by placing an order online here.

To skip the shipping fees in favor of local pick up, order Tanglewood tea concentrates from the location nearest you, and get a freshly made cup of Chai to take home with you too!

Tanglewood Chai Concentrates Available at Grocery Stores

Suppose distance from an Either/Or Cafe is an issue. In that case, you might be closer to Tanglewood Chai than you think. But where do you find our Chai Portland beyond the cafe setting?

More retailers like Green Zebra and New Seasons are stocking our Portland-inspired Chai concentrates on their shelves, allowing convenience and savings on shipping. If you’re unfamiliar with either of those retailers, we’ve partnered with them because of their passion for bringing clean ingredients and local purveyors to their customers. And like Tanglewood, they are also values-driven businesses.

Nevertheless, we’re constantly considering ways to grow and expand our reach so that more Chai-loving folks have better access to our drinks. For now, the easiest way to stay connected with the latest Chai news is by following us on Instagram. However, our Where to Buy page also details everywhere our drinks are carried beyond and in the cafe setting.

In a cafe near you!

Speaking of cafes, Good Coffee, Barista, Floyd's, and dozens of other PDX coffee shops serve our Chai all over the city. Outside of Portland, you can find us in San Francisco, BC, Eugene, Seattle, and beyond.

If you have a question about a Tanglewood order or simply wish to nerd out about Chai, we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, feel free to explore our online shop to see the awesome stuff we’re doing with our favorite bev.