Interview with Sam Purvis from Good Coffee

Tanglewood’s mission has always been about embracing community far and wide. This month, we sat down with Sam with whom we’ve built a strong relationship through our tea and their cafes throughout the Portland area.

One thing to know is that Sam Purvis knows good coffee. With five Portland locations (including the newly opened Coffee Bar location inside the PDX Airport!), and one in Troutdale, Good Coffee seamlessly combines enjoying and sharing good coffee in an inspiring space with good people. Good Coffee was one of the first coffee shops in Portland to serve our chai concentrates, so it’s pretty clear Sam knows good tea, too!

We had a quick chat about why Sam likes using Tanglewood in his cafes and the brand new PDX Airport location! We couldn't fit the whole convo in but here are the highlights!

About opening a Good Coffee location in the PDX airport:

“We’re super excited about having it open! The airport was an exciting opportunity. We resonated with the great mission of place making that has been underway at the PDX airport for some time. We knew it would be an honor to play a small part (with other great airport operators) in the work of welcoming new visitors to our city, along with sending those departing to wherever they were traveling with a memorable experience. It’s been a great experience working with our operating partners specific to that project (Chefstable & SSP America).” 

What Sam says about working with Tanglewood:

“We use Tanglewood for two reasons. We love the balance of ginger spice and brown sugar sweetness that comes from Tanglewood's approach to making chai. The real ingredient ethos that Tanglewood brings to building the chai concentrate is completely in line with the premium products we want to offer our guests. The second reason we work with Tanglewood is we've always been a huge fan of Ro and the Tanglewood / Either / or team. We love what y'all bring to our industry.”

We can honestly say it's been an honor to work with such a foundational Portland institution like Good Coffee and cannot wait to take a trip so we can visit the new airport cafe. Hope you can too!